Sunday, September 18, 2011

Laughing on the Radio

I meet the Milch de la Maquina girls at the radio station to record our set. Everyone is sitting on one side of a counter, that might be a salad bar. I sit down and we're about to sing. We all breath in together and I realize I don't know what piece we doing.

Stef lets out an explosive-high-descending-roller-coaster laugh, and we all start laughing as well. I am making some very operatic laughs when I see someone from college across the counter from me. She is cracking up for real: giggles and hilarities gallivanting out of her, folded over with paroxysms of joy.

Then I start laughing for real too. It's great.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Stilts in the Bible

Yes, my dream has informed me of the little known fact that there were stilts in the bible. The camera follows a short longly-grey-bearded fellow wearing biblical tan apparel as he attaches himself to a squattish pair of stilts. Probably 1-foots, or 1.5.

He is called upon to make a journey on stilts. While fumbling with his foot straps he mumbles "I'll do it with one..." which I learn means that he is cross-country stilting on one gigantic stilt. It is anywhere between 15 and 60 feet tall (it's hard to tell from the angles). I am compelled by the way that he hops along, both feet on one small wooden shelf. The stilt is constructed in the way we made ours only it tapers off Dali-like towards the bottom.

I'm confused by the biblical message here. It seems clear that having long legs would be for the purpose of traveling quickly over the land (so I wonder why he only has one which is probably slowing his progress considerably). I also feel like I am remembering two things I've experienced before: a childhood fantasy of traversing vast distances as a giant, and this particular bible story.

We follow our hopping stilter into a city. He approaches a church, or temple and seems to have halved his stilts (as to appear human). He is wearing a very nice 50's era suit that tapers ludicrously at the ankles. I wonder how he is walking from foot to foot because-- remember, he's only got one stilt!

He falls at the entrance to the temple, but I guess that it is on purpose to fit in the doorway. Once inside I am the man (only I am me) and I am climbing up the aisle stairs to the back of the auditorium. There are signs warning patrons that the aisle is "very steep" and indeed the stair are set into an almost vertical hill with lots of space between each step. I am dizzy as I crawl up to my saved seat, which is behind the last row of chairs perched precariously in a window sill. I am conscious that there is probably a video camera behind me.

We are watching an improv show, but I am distracted by being so teeteringly high up, so I clamber down to a chair in the last row next to a friend from middle school who I cling to.

Later some friends and I discover a house that has lots of old pineapple memorabilia in it. Although we have broken in, the owner tells us we can make it our club house and even use her cool gaming system (which has a heart on it, so I know it was designed for girls).

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Climate change

The tour was cut short when we learned that Dinosaurs were coming and they were coming soon. The people in charge put us in a vacant Dinosaur cage from the Zoo. We wouldn't be safe in the house. And if a dinosaur cage can keep a dinosaur inside, it will surely keep them out.
A sense of terror was building. Afterall, the biggest dinosaurs could trample our massive cage. After some time and sensing that we have have been lied to by the local authorities, I decided to step out and head back to the house across the way to get a few items I realized I should have grabbed if the house would soon be destroyed.
Now I'm forgetting these things, except for the stilts. I had to get the stilts. Scott and Richard were there at various points. Me getting angry with Scott, Scott getting angry with me.
It was really scary at points. And then totally placid at others. The goal was to load back onto the tour bus/vans and get to a point that was supposedly dinosaur free at the time. But if the tour driver isn't really savvy we could all end up as a real yummy dinosaur sandwich!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I visited Pete in NY, and he was talking and be silly and himself. We were sitting at tables with his family, who didn't know me. Except his dad. Everything was really great and wonderful until he stuck a needle in his (heart?) at which point Laura showed up and she helped the situation. However as we were performing cpr of sorts, Pete turned into an inflatable float, and even though he was no longer present we continued with the procedure.

Also a installation art party. Everyone is given a space to work in and we all run out and do it ! I was frustrated as usual, because everyone had better ideas than me !

Last week:

Studio space in cool wooden cabin like building, spacious and interesting. Stef is alerting me to the fact that our cameras have been stolen, right then and there in front of us... this sucks. I'm bummed.

// SWITCH ! //

Same place different people.
Late for class with steve barry and others. I can't remember whats going on, but it leaves an impression on me for better or worse.
A really attractive and nice man in a wheelchair is kinda asking me out, and I like it.

// SWITCH ! //

Samish place, night time?
It's deformed body part awareness day! And the studio is hosting a party in celebration!
People are walking around joyously and freely lifting their shirts and exposing their various differently shaped body parts with great excitement and pride.
One man stands out, well he's the only one i remember now, he lifted his shirt to flash this large, now that I think of it, both phallic and umbilical growth emerging from his navel.

You are never finished

Traveling in shape-shifting bus-wagons, at times domestic and others municipal. Family again, Richard and Dad often these days. Oh yeah, there was biking to school or work, in my old neighborhood, taking the wrong rout because it's been so long. Definitely going to be late.
Also another passenger intent on steeling my mister.
And of course I found the Alibi booth,
doubled in size and still blue!
BUT I painted it too many times
and built the rest of it too!
I've already sent it down to the office,
how could this possibly be!!
I've spent all my money on too much spray paint,
and now I have only one left!
I'm meeting them all tomorrow at 10,
to install the booth it's never or then...
How will I make a whole new construction
after the last, was a 4 week production!

Oh me oh my, thank god for awaking...
and everything is safe, secure, and amazing!

Today at least! ; P

Sunday, August 14, 2011



Going down the garden paths, trying to evade voices in conversation that persist in following me. Eventually the two catch up and it's okay because we have a party with the entire village. I am lifted up in a semi-ballet semi-crowd surfing way and float around on top of the dance party!